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Solar Systems Design

Alternative Energy Systems are now a day a great solution not only for remote unattended sites but also for those not that far sites as it is becoming more and more frequent the use of Solar Energy. This is due to energy savings purposes, oil & Gas prices and general Operating Expenses (OPEX).

Due to the MRC-e INTERNATIONAL CORP extended portfolio of Energy/Power products and the so many inquires we have decided to add PV panels (Solar Panels) to our Power solutions. As part of the Solutions we could provide to you we have enclosed in this section the following "HELP Forms" that will guide you on:

a) Estimating Your Consumption in Watts-hour & Watts-Day (See Load Evaluation Form & Power Consumption Table Form)
b) Sizing your battery bank (See Battery Sizing Form)
c) Sizing the PV Array (See Solar Array Sizing Form)

Completing and sending these forms to us will be the starting Point for us to help you put together the Perfect Solar Solution for your application. Please feel free to call us, e-mail us or simply e-mail these Form with as much information as possible to better understand and help you work on your case.

Typical Solar System Components:

Typical Solar System Components