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MRC-e International Corp is a young company but with a management with over 15 years + of experience in the Telecom market.

Our Key is to develop long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers putting ourselves in a position to provide and supply Cellular operators, ISP's and the Private Sector throughout the territory with latest technology based on reliable Designs & Products.

Now a days our customers a looking for simple cost effective and reliable solutions for their always changing networks in order to provide competitive new & existing services to the demand of local market.

Therefore, as part of our product excellence, MRC-e International Corp also offers a complete understanding on all Power Solutions for all telecom Operators as well as transmission network Design.

MRC-e International Corp also keeps a very important pull of partner companies in the territory and Key manufacturers. This allows MRC-e International Corp not only to provide a variety of Power and Telecom solutions but also all services and support always associated with our products.

MRC-e International Corp with our Sales Office in Fort Myers, Florida, USA, we welcome you to our world of Energy & Telecom solutions and we encourage you to give us a call and discuss your network needs. We will be more than glad to help out and recommend a cost effective solution.


Guillermo Guagliardo
MRC-e International corp

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MRC-e International Corp
MRC-e International corp
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